Which Wich.

You really can eat cleanse-friendly just about anywhere! Instead of giving in and having that 7 inch sandwich with melty cheese or whatever, get a salad! I ate at which Wich today, and this is my salad. I just got the hummus sandwich in a spinach salad form.


I used to make up excuses for the way that I used to eat all of the time. Just stop it! If you have a goal, or a New Years resolution, to lose weight and be healthy, quit holding yourself back! All of that is a process, but the end result will mean 1,000 times more than that 3 meat cheesy sandwich you are supposedly “craving”.

Oh yea…and drink lots of water. 😉


Lunch, post-workout.

We started AdvoCare’s Can You 24 workout video today! Oh man…I was sweating my face off. Feels good. Even after only 24 minutes, too!

So after that, we needed some food. I tasked Nick with stabbing and microwaving a spaghetti squash (which Greyson calls a “ball”) and I cooked some Italian seasoned tofu with some kale. Noms! We are on day 2 of our Herbal Cleanse, but still needed some carbs, so the squash was a perfect way to get it!

Have you ever tried a spaghetti squash? It’s SOOOO simple to make, it’s crazy. It’s yellow, and kind of an oval shape. I would’ve gotten a pre-cooked picture of it, but we were starving. Just get one and poke it with a knife all over **CAREFULLY**…if you have any pent-up anger, this would be a good way to get rid of it. Lol. Pop it in the microwave for two 5 minute intervals, turning between them. It steams on the inside! Then, you cut it in half and scoop out the seeds, and get all of the strands out with a fork!


While he did that, I cooked the tofu! We got a baked Italian tofu from Central Market, and it was delicious!!


But then, I remembered the huge bunch of kale we bought! So I did a ribbon cut on it and added it in. Why not?? Add some more Italian seasoning, and you are good to go!

We also got this DELICIOUS marinara sauce. It has puréed white bean in it, which helps to block the absorption of carbs. (CarbEase Plus has white bean extract in it just for this reason!)


And there was our lunch. If you aren’t necessarily vegan, you could add some Parmesan cheese! Mmmmm. I miss cheese. But, I feel better without it. 😉


Add two big glasses of water, and you have got yourself an awesome lunch my friend! What have you done today to be active? Today would be a nice day for a walk. 🙂


I’m back! After some unfortunate happenings with family matters, we have moved to our own place. This is good, because now Nick and I can focus on our little family’s health without the temptation of cinnamon rolls, chicken fried steak, baked ham…ugh gross. It’s amazing how just a change of scenery can affect your whole mood! 🙂


This is Greyson, eating his vegan quesadilla at the Spiral Diner. He is our purpose; we work out, eat healthy, and take AdvoCare products to be good role models for him! We love him so much! (Especially his baby mullet, which we still haven’t gotten cut…)

I will post out lunch soon! Weeee

Go there. Now.

Have you ever been to the Spiral Diner in Fort Worth? No? Then, get your butt there.Image

Because it’s delicious. A whole restaurant for vegans? Yes. 

They have more than just rabbit food…they have italian food, mexican food ( I got some tacos, and they were bomb), sandwiches, and a very well-known bakery. You can order pies, cakes, cookies, smoothies…..Mmmm. Even the extensive menu of beer is vegan!

Greyson got a baby plate with mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli, pineapple, and peas, and he loved it! He even ate some of the hummus that we ordered as an appetizer! And he gobbled down his organic apple/carrot juice. So proud. :)) When I get my phone back next week, I can start taking pictures of things again. 


The Spiral Diner is just a cool hangout spot with a full vegan menu. Venture out of your comfort zone and try something new! Maybe we could all go together sometime?? 😉


P.s.- Thank you Berry, for the christmas present! Love you friend! 🙂

Day 2- Feeling good!

Yesterday was my first day in a long time not eating meat AT ALL. I feel amazing! I just snacked on healthy foods all day and I drank TONS of water. If you feel like snacking on horrible things, just drink a good 16 ounces of water…by the time you are done, you have already forgotten what you wanted. 🙂


My skin is also on-the-mend from the holidays (I feel like I’m 16 again…except worse because I have braces now. -_-), so while I made some tea I also made a facial mask. Here is what it is:

1TBSP honey (raw, if possible!)

1tsp cinnamon and 1tsp nutmeg 

Or, you could add some raw cacao powder!


I just mix it up, pull my hair back, put it on and let it sit on my face for a good 30 minutes. Honey is an antiseptic and it’s antibacterial, so it is perfect for cuts/burns and bacterial acne. You can also use honey as an overnight spot treatment by putting a small bit on a bump you might have then putting a band aid over it. I always look like a fool when I do this, but my skin looks amazing the next morning! 😉 


Goal for today: Drink water. Drink lots of water. Just do it. 


Thank you little bees, even though your nasty furry little body gives me the creeps. Eww.Image

Vegan Sweet Potato Tacos 

Vegan Sweet Potato Tacos

Vegan, Day 1!

I found this blog, Whipped, and she has a TON of vegetarian/vegan recipes! In love! I’m actually sending Nick and Greyson to the store now to pick up Iceberg or Bibb lettuce so we can make them lettuce wraps. I’m not sure if the tortillas would count as vegan, or the mayo in the sauce…Anyways, doing it this way would also be good for all of you going low carb. At least, it’s lower carb. 😉

Let’s see if Greyson likes this, too. He generally loves my cooking, which pretty much makes me the happiest mom/cook ever. 🙂


Why, hello!

I woke up to a rainy day, and felt extremely inspired to start something. While Nick (my boyfriend for 4 years…I love him tons) and my son Greyson are waking up, I am starting this. A place where I can share our random happenings of eating well and keeping us accountable while doing so.


Okay. The main reason I had this inspiration this morning is because I watched a documentary last night on Netflix called Vegucation. It’s about three New Yorkers who were totally committed to going vegan for 6 weeks, just to see how they would feel. This film is very eye-opening and, at times, made Nick and I very sick to our stomachs for how animals are treated in the food industry. Now, I’m not about to go strike in front of a grocery store or anything, but plant-based diets are scientifically-proven better for us, so why not give it a go? Sure you could give your bacon, cheese, eggs, etc, up for a week? Two weeks? While you are at it, give up sodas too…why drink them when you could be drinking teas or water?


This is the beginning of the new year. Who wants to go on this journey with us? Follow this blog and let me know that you want an accountablilty partner. Lets do this together.

Mmm. Rain. This is how I feel right now.