Go there. Now.

Have you ever been to the Spiral Diner in Fort Worth? No? Then, get your butt there.Image

Because it’s delicious. A whole restaurant for vegans? Yes. 

They have more than just rabbit food…they have italian food, mexican food ( I got some tacos, and they were bomb), sandwiches, and a very well-known bakery. You can order pies, cakes, cookies, smoothies…..Mmmm. Even the extensive menu of beer is vegan!

Greyson got a baby plate with mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli, pineapple, and peas, and he loved it! He even ate some of the hummus that we ordered as an appetizer! And he gobbled down his organic apple/carrot juice. So proud. :)) When I get my phone back next week, I can start taking pictures of things again. 


The Spiral Diner is just a cool hangout spot with a full vegan menu. Venture out of your comfort zone and try something new! Maybe we could all go together sometime?? 😉


P.s.- Thank you Berry, for the christmas present! Love you friend! 🙂


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