Why, hello!

I woke up to a rainy day, and felt extremely inspired to start something. While Nick (my boyfriend for 4 years…I love him tons) and my son Greyson are waking up, I am starting this. A place where I can share our random happenings of eating well and keeping us accountable while doing so.


Okay. The main reason I had this inspiration this morning is because I watched a documentary last night on Netflix called Vegucation. It’s about three New Yorkers who were totally committed to going vegan for 6 weeks, just to see how they would feel. This film is very eye-opening and, at times, made Nick and I very sick to our stomachs for how animals are treated in the food industry. Now, I’m not about to go strike in front of a grocery store or anything, but plant-based diets are scientifically-proven better for us, so why not give it a go? Sure you could give your bacon, cheese, eggs, etc, up for a week? Two weeks? While you are at it, give up sodas too…why drink them when you could be drinking teas or water?


This is the beginning of the new year. Who wants to go on this journey with us? Follow this blog and let me know that you want an accountablilty partner. Lets do this together.

Mmm. Rain. This is how I feel right now. 




2 responses

  1. I was telling Marc this morning we should try going vegan or something lol! He looked at me like I was nuts!!! But I want to look more into it and possibly give it a go!! I need to watch that Netflix documentary u saw!!!

  2. The film was so good! It’s called Vegucated. If anything, trying to go vegetarian can be a good way to get in to going vegan…that way, you can still have dairy products for a while until you find out ways to get rid of those, too! Even saving 2-3 days out of the week to eating no meat can help. 😉

    Also, this kind of diet would definitely make Advocare’s Herbal Cleanse a lot easier. 😉

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